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Why Threshold Homestead?

Somethings seem to always have been a part of our lives, constantly molding us.  One is the family from which we came, it made up a big part of who we are.  Then, the family you helped to create.  Many transitions occur to bring us where we are.  One certainty is that there are always changes, and yes, sometimes unexpected new beginnings.  At the beginning of every transition of life, there are doors, always stop and pray and ask for God’s guidance, before choosing!  Whichever door you open will make all the difference as to where your life will end up.  As you approach the door of your choosing, you must cross the threshold of your new journey! Cross the threshold with confidence toward the transition into your new life and enjoy every step of your new journey.  Your new dreams will unfold before you; some easily obtained, while others require much hard work, and many hours of time.  It will be worth all of your efforts, and time!

Always remember, when your past and present life’s dreams are swept away and your future direction seems unclear, do not lose hope! Keep looking forward, do not dwell on your past forsaken dreams, or grieve their losses too long.  Let all of them go, and keep your faith and continue searching for new dreams.  Share the new dreams with God, and He will keep them in mind, and little by little the new promise of a good and wonderful door of opportunity will be before you.  You will recognize it and you will be grateful and ready to open the door and walk over the threshold into your new and wonderfully fresh new start.

I am at one such time in my life where I am starting a fresh new beginning.  I’m crossing over the threshold of the door before me.

I have prayed and I have imagined new dreams for my life, but I am not without hope.  My future is bright,  it is not filled with loneliness, it is filled with great companionship.  I have earthly friends, and my greatest companion is Jesus! He has carried me every step of my life and will continue to be with me always. I am thankful for such a companion as HE!  Whatever threshold I have to cross, now or in the future, I am willing, and I AM READY!

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