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Journal entry on my birthday!

This morning, as I was working in the turkey barns, I decided to enjoy my day: even though the turkeys were meaner than ever! I selected Kari Jobe on my iPhone, and got my praise on, while I walked each barn. I started to count my blessings, esp. the blessing of another birthday. As I walked and listened to my praise music, I started getting a tone through my earphones, which signaled a text message. Those signals were coming from all of you here on FB; it was like a gift every time one of you sent me a birthday wish. Well, I couldn’t help, but know just how blessed, I really am. I can’t respond to all of you one by one, but know that ALL of you are special blessings to me.
I have an awesome God that looks after me and will continue to do so, all the days of my life. I am healthy.  I have two wonderful children, who fill my life with countless blessings. I have three sisters, and one brother, and in-laws, which I count as treasures in my life. A mom like no other, who raised me to be the woman that I am, today. I have a Deddy in Heaven celebrating his eighth year with the Lord TODAY on my birthday, and I know he is having a great ol’ time picking and grinning, with all the bluegrass saints there!!! I have a church family who mean the world to me; I love them all so very much!
My personal belief is, we are all here to make the lives of others more meaningful, and we are here to give all that we can to those that God puts in our path. We aren’t here to have friends, but to be a friend to others. I love the saying: It’s not about US! On special days, such as today, we do have to receive gifts, and they are so dear to me. I receive each and every one of your birthday wishes, and I do not take any of them for granted. My day has been much more pleasant because you took the time to “signal” me, and remind me just how much I am blessed. THANK YOU ALL!!!
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