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Every person has a different grief journey.  We are to come alongside our brethren, helping them most by serving them during their trial.  Sincerely praying for them is enough, and as our heart is moved by prayer and supplications, we are clearly led by God how best to help our loved ones and friends in the midst of a trial. I was just thinking about this today, as I continue to travel on my current journey, and after much reflection and conversing with God, I was convicted to learn from my experiences.  I was very much aware of what I should or shouldn’t say to someone who might be experiencing the same trial that I have traveled through under the grace and mercy of Jesus. At the same time, all of those seemingly empty unhelpful comments at times that were made were not meant to intentionally hurt me, so as my Heavenly Father covers me with His grace and mercy, I, too, must extend that same grace and mercy to those whose comments cut me to the deepest part of my soul. I am certain that the last lesson was the one God wanted me to contemplate the most. Yes, I forgave those who meant well and missed the mark, however, the strength I gained from those who were seasoned followers of Jesus were quite literally the hands and feet and mouths of Jesus. How precious to my heart were those words and deeds and love for my Journey, then and NOW!  Let us all continue to focus on the good Jesus brought to us and continues to bring to us, for that is what will carry us through the next journey of life; stronger and more faithful than the last.  

Are you going through a trial of life, that is testing your faith?  The testing of your faith means you have faith, therefore, you have hope. Find peace and help in the arms of Jesus.  Are you questioning why you must endure such horrible circumstances that exhaust your reserves to overcome? We live in an imperfect world, and my friend, everyone is experiencing a trial of some sort. You are not alone, there is hope, and a helper!  Are you overwhelmed, and even more so, when you hear those painful words, such as “just hold on the light is just ahead?” (Revelation: during a trial, God revealed to me, “ as a child of Jesus, the light is not at the end of the journey, it is within you ALL THE WAY”) or don’t worry, I know how you feel, it will get better.” Be strong in the LORD, when we are our weakest, then HIS strength abounds! Just relinquish your forgiveness to those who mean well, immediately, and find rest for your weary soul in the presence of the one who comes alongside you to bear every burden of life.  

Know without hesitation: Don’t you be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you.  Yes, I will help you. Yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. Isaiah 41:10

During those most frustrating moments, remember to draw near to God, even closer than ever; truly, HE is the only one capable to bring peace in the midst of the raging storms of life.  

AS Christians, we are to be the hands, feet, and mouths of Jesus to others, we are not to expect those elements from anyone other than Jesus.  So when others fall short of what we expect, we only have ourselves to blame. Always, always, we must put our hope in Jesus. However, if we are so very blessed to have great individuals who bless us during our moment of need, we can be grateful to them, remembering always, the Glory goes to God.  Know without a doubt that blessing was intended for us by God, and He used His faithful follower to be His hands, feet, and mouth. What an awesome testament of someone’s true character, who truly has a relationship with God. Someone who doesn’t view God as a religion, but someone who is real, and worthy to praise and honor, and obey. That is a relationship!  

No matter the journey of grief that you are facing, it can only be overcome by the one who overcomes all obstacles that might destroy us without Him. Draw close to HIM, and He will draw close to YOU. 


Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God.  And the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

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