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Prize listing for the Coupon Class!

by Sharon Poston Yarbrough on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 9:11pm

I have just decided on an awesome prize for the coupon class! If I have at least 50 guest to make it to the class, I will have a drawing for the following prize! I will offer to a very blessed person, a binder set up! It will include, binder sheets with dividers fully labeled according to the categories that I use! It will not include the binder, but all that you will have to do is purchase a 4 inch binder, and you will be set! Please tell your friends

Coupon Class: Living by God’s Design

Tuesday, June 14 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm


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I plan to have handouts, and an actual display of my organizing method. I will have prizes, too. I am very passionate about using coupons to provide extra money in our weekly budget. The main focus will center on being a good steward of the financial support that God provides for us! This class will be local to the Jefferson-Pageland area. I am a Christian, so this will be a time of great learning, inspiration, and praising to the Lord; for His most bountiful blessings and gifts to us! The class will most likely last 2 to 2 1/2 hours, so make time in your schedule! If you plan to attend, start gathering your coupon stash!

New organizing method

After years of coupon usage, I have come up with a better way to sort my clipped coupons.  The most time consuming part of  using coupons is sorting them into categories, well, at least for me!   Sitting still for me was the most boring aspect of my “part time job”!  I finally had an epiphany, and as you can see in the photo, I could have been using this much sooner.   I first had the idea to use a shoe organizer to slip my coupons  into each pocket.  I labeled each pocket according to the categories in my binder.  Now, I can stand while sorting, which is a lifesaver for me, because I have a hard time just sitting!   Since, I have two binders, I needed two sorters, but only had one shoe organizer.  I remembered, that I had used  a word sentence builder back in my teaching days, and I decided to use it for my non-food coupons.   I like the word sentence builder more, so I may invest in purchasing another one.  But, for now, the two I have will work just fine!  After I get the coupons sorted into each pocket, I place them into my binder sections, and it only takes a few moments for each section.  It beats sitting in the floor or at my kitchen table, and I don’t have to worry about leaving my coupons laying around.  If I want to sort some, and then start dinner, or load the washer, I can!  The last time I sorted, I prepared dinner at the same time!  Now that’s how I roll!

Organic Coupons!

I have finally found some organic coupons!  Go to the following link and check them out!

Coupon file info!!!!

Try putting the password in, then double clicking the link again, it will come up again, double click it again, and the file should open!  I think you have to subscribe to the rss feed, in order to open the files, too.  Email me if you cannot open the files after trying the above comment!




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